In this category, we would like to introduce you to our corporate philosophy on handling confidential information and provide basic information concerning data protection matters. It is our declared goal and redeemed reality to handle and protect your personal data online in the same serious and professional way we handle information in all other ways of communication. 
Our main focus is to protect your privacy and guarantee the safety of your transmitted personal data. We consider data protection laws and regulations a matter of course and daily responsibility. 
Of course, every member of our authority team underlies the obligation of data secrecy and the particular obligation of discretion according to bank secrecy. 
You can access the majority of our online information without having to transmit your personal data. Our website may be used completely anonymously. 
In order for us to continually improve our online appearance for customers and visitors, we collect statistical data about your visit on our website. This is figure-relevant information only, such as number of visitors, number of pages clicked, or the duration of visit. 
All relevant customer data is transmitted through absolutely safe encryptions by the SSL technology. The abbreviation SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer’ which is currently the highest security level and is considered to be an insurmountable technology. All official government departments recommend using SSL for data protection. You see, with us you are on the safe side! You may even contribute to your own safety by using the most recent update of your browser and integrating an adequate virus scanner. You also recognize your participation in transmitting encrypted data, as for this purpose a small lock symbol will show up in the bottom status bar of your browser, indicating the ongoing encryption. 
We, the OstFinanz Switzerland, protect our servers, and therefore your personal data, with the most modern safety programs currently available on the market. We also work with highly specialized firewalls to stop unauthorized attempts of access by third parties from the beginning.  
Once you have decided to transmit your data, we store this highly confidential information on specifically secured servers to process your orders and to carry out our internal statistical surveys on an anonymous basis. Information will only be passed on to third parties, such as cooperating partners, if you were explicitly informed in advance and have assured your agreement. This procedure is our legal obligation. For us it is a matter of course to always guarantee data privacy protection. 
For legal reasons we have to notify you that our website contains several links to other websites or business providers. We hereby distance ourselves from all contents of these websites and their handling of data, as we have no influence on their procedures. On our websites you surf in an absolute safe surrounding, for which we are fully responsible. 
Upon your wish we provide free disclosure about what of your personal data is stored on our servers. This duty of disclosure is also part of our legal obligations and our very serious way of handling your confidential information. 
The consent you gave us to collect, store, process, and use your personal data may be withdrawn at any point in time with impact on the future. The only exception occurs if the collection, storage, processing, and usage are necessary parts of the contractual relationship to us, and in that case we are legally obligated to deny your request of withdrawal.  

It is illegal to publish or copy the contents of this website without explicit approval of the website’s owner, OstFinanz GmbH. The OstFinanz GmbH protects its servers and therefore the confidential client information with the most modern technology available on the market. Privacy Policy